Opportunity announcement, immediate opening (10/20/2020)


Join our five-star technical team solving real-world problems in earth science, agriculture, security, and sustainability. We seek an inquisitive physical scientist or engineer, acquainted with principles of subsurface hydrology including unsaturated and multi-phase flow.  You will learn and apply data analytics and machine learning (ML) tools to challenges in the field, by analyzing both real data and large ensembles of synthetic data you will generate using established numerical modeling codes. 

The successful candidate will be an integral member of a multi-disciplinary team that includes physical scientists, data scientists, engineers, and software developers answering complex science and engineering questions. The day-to-day will include devising and executing modeling and ML studies, performing numerical and ML experiments, sharing and discussing results and findings, as well as contributing to the production of technical reports and research funding proposals. 

The ideal applicant will embrace a highly collaborative approach while demonstrating the ability to work remotely with minimal supervision. This is an excellent opportunity for a professional with proven self-discipline and strong interpersonal skills. 

At Transcend, we find hidden insights in messy data from physical systems, and use numerical modeling with expert knowledge of noise and uncertainty to generate valid data sets for machine learning in situations where prodigious field data are unobtainable. We’re always learning, always growing. We communicate openly and embrace new challenges, opportunities, and uncertainties. 


Our software stack is mostly Python (NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, and Keras) and occasionally includes the use of Google Compute Engine and Docker. Some legacy projects are in Matlab.

Duties will include:

  • Design, develop, and implement computational studies and data explorations to address research and development needs

  • Develop Python scripts and use existing APIs (flopy) for pre- and post-processing of HYDRUS and MODLFOW 6 model input and output

  • Collaborate with other physical scientists, engineers, and programmers to define problems, design research, and execute workflows for discovery and application

  • Clearly and regularly communicate with management and technical colleagues which may require working an average of at least one day per week in Transcend’s Bethel, VT facility (as Covid-related precautions allow).

Minimum Requirements:

  • BS or MS in Hydrology, Earth Science, Engineering or a related field

  • 1+ years data science or other programming experience

Experience and Skills Sought:

  • Understanding of soil hydraulic parameters and subsurface unsaturated flow

  • Experience with MODFLOW/MF6, HYDRUS, flopy

  • Willingness to learn additional languages and tools as needed (we maintain an internal custom build of a widely accepted FORTRAN model)

  • Team player attitude with a willingness to lead when necessary

  • Open willingness to make mistakes, try things that might not work, share failures as well as successes, and learn from all of it

  • Ability to work independently on multiple concurrent projects

  • Flexibility to accept changes in priorities or technical direction as required

  • Meticulous attention to detail, documentation, and version control

  • Experience with Python: NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and/or scikit-learn a plus

Applicants please email a statement of interest and resume or CV to hiring@transcendengineering.com.