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Tunnel Detection Technology

Simple, Robust, Inexpensive
Tunnel Detection Monitoring

TunlNet is a passive border monitoring technology that was developed based on decades of experience in the real world environment with geologic investigation, sensors, and signals.  

Unlike radar and seismic methods, TunlNet is not an imaging technology, and therefore does not mistake reflections from other underground structural anomalies as being tunnels.

TunlNet can detect tunnels more than 30m deep. It is inherently self-adapting to the local geology, and is suitable for most regions of interest along the US border.

TunlNet generates no signal emissions that would inform an adversary of its use. It has very low data processing and computational demands, and requires minimal training and no specialized expertise to operate.

Qualified local, state, and federal government entities, and prime contractors may request more information by emailing from an official government or contractor email account.


In affiliation with Secure Border Technologies, LLC

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