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We reveal the insights
hidden in your sensor data

Transcend Engineering is a cross-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers who work at the intersection of the physical sciences, sensing, and information processing.  


We are highly skilled at characterizing and monitoring subsurface environments and processes, performing numerical modeling, digital signal processing, and machine learning in the presence of noise and uncertainty.  


We apply these competencies to develop innovative applications of sensing and analysis to problems of societal importance with particular emphasis on illuminating hidden parameters affecting complex and dynamic systems.



Our technologies

power your discoveries

We find data insights that conventional approaches miss.

We combine foundational respect for first principles with quantitative understanding of measurement error and skill in advanced computational methods, to extract maximum actionable information from sensor signals.


From monitoring the fine scale movement of water through the earth to revealing hidden tunnels that threaten security, we develop technologies that power discovery.



Our innovations produce actionable insights

Chemometric AI

Synthetic data based ML for chemical  detection

Tunnel Detection

Simple, robust, tunnel detection monitoring...

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Unconventional detailed profiles of water content...

Borehole Observatory

Cutting edge subsea monitoring...

Conversation Analysis Suite

Objective metrics of conversation quality

The Transcend Engineering Team



Owner / Lead Technologist

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An expert in geotechnical, environmental, and hydrologic subsurface investigation and monitoring, Stephen is a proven innovator and inventor. He is a master at extracting maximum insight from sensor generated data, leveraging his experience in the modeling and simulation of physical phenomena, digital signal processing, algorithm development, and systems engineering. When he is not wowing our staff and clients with his technical expertise he’s inspiring the young, future engineers by leading the local FIRST Robotic Competition team.



Senior Scientist

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Neal is a physical chemist with broad expertise in the fields of optics, photonics, spectroscopy, chemistry, and mathematics. He has decades of experience as a researcher, inventor, implementer, and technical leader -- at one point directing a laboratory with 150 scientists and technicians. For us, he plays the role of Yoda and MacGyver: pushing us to know more about the physical world we are analyzing, and prototyping novel experimental equipment for our clients.



Software Engineer

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Ben’s connection to Transcend dates to his high school days and his participation on Stephen Farrington’s FIRST Robotics team. His interest in technology led him to major in Computer Science at Clarkson University. That foundation, further fueled by his curiosity and enthusiasm, have made him the go-to person for Mission: Impossible variety software, computer engineering and data wrangling challenges. Music is his passion outside of work, being a singer and piano player, but he makes time for recreational running and an occasional game of Frisbee.



Senior Software Engineer

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Kevin’s undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech, one of the top technical schools in the country, earned him the opportunity to work on mission critical projects for the military. That experience and his fluency in multiple programming languages have made him a key contributor to the Transcend computer science team. His free time is shared between his pursuit of a Masters in Computer Science and serenity-inducing activities such as playing board games, doting on his two cats, and enjoying unique culinary experiences.

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Imagine Indiana Jones without the leather, without the whip and with a Masters in Hydrology and Water Resources Science -- that would be David. He lives his commitment to the planet and the environment by deploying, testing, and caring for the innovative probes and sensors that Transcend design, develops, and acquires. You will find him working in the soils of the farmlands of California or the rain forests of Puerto Rico, and often with a camera, pursuing his interest in photography when time permits.



Senior Data Scientist

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After completing his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, curiosity and serendipity led Keith to answer a help wanted ad for a data miner, a role barely five years old at the time. Decades later, he continues to find satisfaction in applying mathematical rigor to solving his client’s data-based problems. He otherwise enjoys his volunteer work as an Advanced EMT and training with his Appenzeller Sennenhund.



Office Manager

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Megan is that person that keeps the trains running on time. Her secret power is herding our technologist cats into compliance with labor reporting, travel expenses, and those ubiquitous government forms. She is currently working towards an accounting degree, looking to continue to expand and deepen her business knowledge. She enjoys the simple Vermont pleasures of spending time outdoors working in her garden, lazing at a river, camping, and hiking with friends, family, and her dogs.



Payroll Administrator

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Catherine brings cheerful people skills and flexibility to her role as payroll administrator and special projects coordinator and a variety of other responsibilities. A visual artist and culinary explorer, she also enjoys traveling, learning, volunteering, and spending time with loved ones.

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