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What insights lie hidden in your sensor data?


We are a cross-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers who work at the intersection of the physical sciences, sensing, and information processing.  


Our team is highly skilled at characterizing and monitoring subsurface environments and processes, performing numerical modeling, digital signal processing, and machine learning in the presence of noise and uncertainty.  


We apply these competencies to develop innovative applications of sensing and analysis to problems of societal importance with particular emphasis on illuminating hidden parameters affecting complex and dynamic systems.




We find insights that conventional approaches miss.

We combine foundational respect for first principles with quantitative understanding of measurement error and skill in advanced computational methods, to extract maximum actionable information from sensor signals.


From monitoring the fine scale movement of water through the earth to revealing hidden tunnels that threaten security, we develop technologies that power discovery.




TunlNet is a passive border monitoring technology that was developed based on decades of experience in the real world environment with geologic investigation, sensors, and...

The Profile Resolving In-Situ Moisture Sensor provides long-term time series monitoring of spatially resolved profiles of soil water content in the unsaturated zone...

The Simple Cabled Instrument for Monitoring Parameters In-Situ is an inexpensive seafloor borehole observatory for unconsolidated sediments...



Owner / Lead Technologist

An expert in geotechnical, environmental, and hydrologic subsurface investigation and monitoring, Stephen is a proven innovator who draws on experience with field studies, modeling and simulation, DSP, algorithm development, and systems engineering to extract maximum insight from sensor data. Numerous patents bear his name.

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Senior Scientist

Beginning her career as a physicist, Andrea has researched and employed techniques including artificial neural networks, multivariate statistics, and geostatistics to analyze complex environmental datasets. She directs and is a key technical contributor to machine learning activities at Transcend. In her free time, she enjoys biking, skiing, and a good book.

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Senior Scientist

Neal is a physical chemist with decades of technical, management and start-up experience. He plays a key operational role within Transcend, and is passionate about optics, photonics, spectroscopy, QED, chemistry, and mathematics.

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Scientist / Subsurface Modeler

Combining an affinity for directly experiencing and sharing nature with expert skill at modeling its processes, Jeff is a whiz with MODFLOW, HYDRUS, FloPy and python. He primarily designs, conducts, and analyses simulations of single-phase and multi-phase transport of water and air in porous media.

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Senior Software Engineer

Kevin joins us with several years of experience working for a large defense contractor. He is fluent in many programming languages and identifies as a foodie, strategy gamer, and animal lover. 


Software Engineer

A native son of Vermont, Ben majored in Computer Science at Clarkson University. In addition to software engineering, Ben is a singer/songwriter who who enjoys robotics and engineering in his free time. Ben is a former Eagle Scout and an alumnus of FIRST Robotics.

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Lead Administrator

Catherine brings cheerful people skills, flexibility, and a penchant for organization to her performance of human resources, payroll, and bookkeeping functions, in addition to a variety of other responsibilities. A visual artist and art historian, Catherine also enjoys kayaking, yoga, and travel.


Engineering Intern

An undergraduate in biomedical engineering at the University of Vermont, Max specializes in CAD design, additive manufacturing, graphics, and video production. Max is a FIRST Robotics alumnus, aerial photographer and accomplished pianist who enjoys downhill biking and uphill biking.

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Engineer / Data Scientist

We are always looking for talented individuals who have experience and interest in the combination of two or more of: engineering, earth science, data science, software programming, and machine learning

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